Saturday, December 20, 2014

Experiments with a Die Cutter

You may all remember a few years back when I had an old piece of GW terrain, laser cut. If you don't, go take a look, here So, fast forward to today, and with the aid of a die cutter, and some thin card, we have the following. Necromunda Tunnel Entrance. Just the raw card, assembled with the GW bulkhead. I went along and added rivets (252) and a few resin detail parts (Pardulon and DragonForge) And with Paint. Base was textured with a mix of Vallejo Oxide Paste and Black Lava.


  1. The grit and grime on this piece makes it. Just amazing. My jaw literally dropped as I moved down the page.

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  3. Very cool. What die cutter did you use? My wife has a Silhouette cameo, and I figure it is time for me to bend it to wargaming use...