Saturday, August 13, 2011

Stomy Stompa

Same deal as the other too, just nice to put paint on these big guys that I like.

Forge World Kill Bursta - with Paint!

I'm on a huge painting kick today, painted this up with the Battlefortress.

Same basic color scheme, same salt weathering.

Forge World Battle Fortress - Now with paint!

Finally got around to getting some paint on my APOC stuff.

Tried out the salt weathering technique and I'm really happy with it. What you're seeing is freshly washed, so nothing but a rusty base and a color of=ver the top.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Necromunda - assembly

I got 47 gangers and related Necromunda figs assembled today. Goliaths, Delaques, Cawdor, Orlocks, Bounty Hunters, Scum, Spryers and Van Saars. Models for all of those gangs. And a couple Ripper Jacks and a Beastmaster too.

Prize of the bunch is an unreleased Hive Helmawr Ganger. Pic courtesy of solegends.