Saturday, June 27, 2015

Secret Weapon Tablescapes

I backed the kickstarter way-back-when and receive 3 themes for a total of two 4x6 foot tables. The tiles themselves are great, the clip together really nicely and are a joy to paint. And dice don't even bounce all over the place on them... I pulled some from each and got to work painting them up. I based them with a flat dark brown spray, then drybrushed them with Calthan brown (custom mixed gallon), a medium brown and lighter brown and then an ivory (hooray craft paint). I painted all the details and got the scrap piles nice and rusty, before everything got a nice ivory drybrush to make it look all dusty to blend it into the terrain. before flock, I painted on a solid coat of an acrylic varnish followed by Army Painter matte sealer. Indestructible. I had a tile fall on other tiles from 3 feet up and there wasn't even a hint of damage. So these should withstand years of gaming without need for touchups. After that, I added 5 layer of fine turf flock and 2 more on top of that of a coarser flock. PICTURES!