Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dark Vengeance — 3 Chaos Chosen

Finished up 3 of the Chaos Chosen from Dark Vengeance. Great models to assemble, incredible how the mold maker made these, and pretty fun to paint. You could spend a long time on these guys if you wanted to. I tried to play off that these bad dudes have been hanging around in the warp for aeons, and thusly, their armour has seen better days. They may get some sort of icon on their open shoulder pad, but we'll see.


  1. Good work. I'm still waiting for the new Codex, supposedly Chosen are loosing their ability to infiltrate. I'll pick up the box set eventually, but I don't really need more models to paint. The cultists interest me more, but I want the little rule book. I didn't get that for 4th and I missed it.

  2. Those are pretty awesome! Is the orange pigment or paint?

  3. Simple but effective - nice work mate

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  5. I really like the style/technique you used on these guys. They look great.

  6. Could you please list the colors you used and/or a quick guide to how you painted these great minis! Thank you.

    1. Sorry for the long delay on this.

      Rough breakdown of the scheme on these guys is as follows:

      spray black
      spray over the top with ruddy primer (krylon)
      with dheneb stone, apply lines of color to block out the armor plates
      paint the cloth with mephiston red
      paint metals with chain mail
      paint eyes and other blue things with ice blue
      paint the bone areas with bleached bone
      wash the entire model with badab black
      highlight the armor with dheneb stone, again, using lines of paint
      final highlight of white on the armor
      highlight the red with mephiston
      highlight again with blood red and again with wild rider red
      water down solar macharius orange and paint it into the joints of armor plates etc for the rust effect
      highlight your metals again with chainmail
      highlight your blue with ice blue
      highlight bone with bleached bone and maybe a spot of white

      ...and that's about it, I used khemri brown for straps and the casings on the guns are black.

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  8. WOW. I am green-stuff with envy. Seriously if my chosen which I got today look half as good as yours I will be happy.