Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Imperial Fists — 5

I reworked my 2 sergeants to display white helmets to denote their veteran status. Also got my terminators finished up.


  1. Dang, you're really cranking these guys out, and achieving some nice looking minis. What's your process?

  2. 1. Prime white.
    2. Spray with Army Painter Yellow.
    3. Paint all deatils.
    4. Wash with Army Painter Soft Tone Ink.
    5. Base.

    That is it. Super easy, you just have to be really careful with your details.

  3. Wow, that does seem manageable. Results look really good, and consistent. Thanks for posting!

    P.S. I love those vet models

  4. Fantastically impressive result from your super easy system

  5. Excellent stuff! sorry to comment so late, but I'm just about to paint 20-30 Imperial fist Terminators, plus a converted Rogal Dorn, for a Space Hulk, Assault on Horus barge, game. I love the results you have got with Army painter yellow, and Soft tone dip. I've just about finished the same number of Blood Angels, and Am converting a 'Not 40K' Sanguinius figure.
    Anyway, thanks for the quick tutorial, I'll make good use of it. Oh, loving the blog!