Monday, October 3, 2011

Grot Tanks

With an upcoming tournament, it's time to ready the Dread Mob. First up are these lovely Forgeworld Grot tanks. These were salt weathered like the Stompa and Kill Krusha and then with layers of paint and a few extra colors they're almost there. A few weathering powders and the kommanda painted and this unit will be ready to go. Not bad for a nights work.


  1. These look so cool, they're such awesome models to begin with and the weathered paint jobs does it right. I've shied away from the weathering powders and the like because they seemed complicated (I didn't want to learn anything new), how easy/hard are they to get the hang of?

  2. They're a little tricky to deal with. Quite messy but they add that dusty feel that you get with weathered paint and rust and soot, that is so hard to get with paint.


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