Saturday, January 14, 2017

Inquisitor and his Guncutter

When GW dropped the Deathwatch I was mega-impressed with the new marines, and especially the Watch Captain. Not intending to start a Deathwatch army, but wanting to paint that fig, I decided to make him an Inquisitor. A shoulderpad and head swap and a fancy new paint scheme and away we went. I went with something flamboyant, befitting an agent of the Emperor. All the better for the heretics to see their doom... Fiery Orange blended to Blood Red over a white basecoat. Ice blue blended to Regal Blue and loads of other details. I tried to avoid washes with him, and the only place I used them was on his face, to get a nice scruffy appearance. And... to go with him? A modified Valkyrie. Think of the guncutter from the Eisenhorn trilogy, that's where I was going with it. I added some extra sensors from and Ad Mech kit and a Landspeeder, extra searchlights, and swapped the lascannon int he hull from a heavy stubber in the nose.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Rogue Trader Predator

I've had this thing half completed for the past few years, so on to the painting table and into the display cabinet... Now my RT marines have some backup.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Krell and Kemmler. And a Necromancer...

And that's a wrap on my 1000 pts of undead for Age of Sigmar... (just kidding, I'm already assembling more of these dead dudes...) But before that, let's look at these lovely chunks of metal. First up, this sweet Necromancer, who I'm showing a lot of because I'm real happy with his purple robe. And these 2, who you saw in the battle report. We have the heavy-hitter Krell, himself. And what's Krell without his buddy Mr. Kemmler? Til next time, friends!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Artifacts of Power - Battle Report

The Lichemaster has uncovered an ancient and promising site, hidden deep within the Forest of Woe. As Morrslieb rises high in the heavens, faint lines of energy from the geomantic web have surged to life, revealing three artifacts of power. Time is of the essence. Kemmler must assemble a hasty force from the local settlements cemetery. A horde of zombies, freshly dead from plague, the spirits of ancient dead that haunt the cursed burial grounds, and a tomb of skeletons to protect him as he unlocks the regions power. But the prying eyes of Clan Eshin are wise to his plans. For a reasonable sum of warpstone, they reveal the location of the site of power to Arch-Warlock Shock Fur, who assembles his claw guard of Stormvermin and Clanrats. He hires Pack Master Skweel Gnawtooth to bring some enhanced Rat Ogres to ensures his triumph in securing the artifacts, before the Lichemaster.

Store opening Imperial Fist Captain

I was lucky and snagged 2 of these chaps thanks to some friends who aren't in the hobby and speed painted one of them to match my Imperial Fists. It's a little rough, but he'll blend in and the little freehand brightens him up.