Saturday, January 14, 2017

Inquisitor and his Guncutter

When GW dropped the Deathwatch I was mega-impressed with the new marines, and especially the Watch Captain. Not intending to start a Deathwatch army, but wanting to paint that fig, I decided to make him an Inquisitor. A shoulderpad and head swap and a fancy new paint scheme and away we went. I went with something flamboyant, befitting an agent of the Emperor. All the better for the heretics to see their doom... Fiery Orange blended to Blood Red over a white basecoat. Ice blue blended to Regal Blue and loads of other details. I tried to avoid washes with him, and the only place I used them was on his face, to get a nice scruffy appearance. And... to go with him? A modified Valkyrie. Think of the guncutter from the Eisenhorn trilogy, that's where I was going with it. I added some extra sensors from and Ad Mech kit and a Landspeeder, extra searchlights, and swapped the lascannon int he hull from a heavy stubber in the nose.

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