Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Age of Sigmar

My gaming mojo was reinvigorated in 2016 with Age of Sigmar. The advent of points values and the establishment of my gaming space, along with a load of painted terrain, has seen me playing more gaming than I have since high school. I'm in love with the streamlined ruleset, the sense that the entire game was designed around the principle of "does it make sense?" and the fact that the games are very tactical and the units feel like they should. I've been playing dwarfs and warriors feel stout, slayers feel like the berserkers they are (deathblow!) and cannons are terrifying. the flame cannon is nearly broken, but when it's on the table it becomes a prime target, so it's damage output tends to get limited as it's destroyed early in the game. Or it doesn't do much damage... Needless to say, I'm hopeful that 40K will undergo a similar treatment as WFB did, not blowing up the entire world. but a streamlining to make playing the game more fun.

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  1. That is some beautiful terrain! Also, agreed on how much fun Age of Sigmar is and how intuitively right the rules feel.

    I love the setting of 40K but can't come at the current rule set - like you I hope they take the lessons learned from Sigmar and release a belting new 40K edition!