Monday, October 3, 2016

Not dead yet.

It's but a wild, rough, fun year. Moved house last October and didn't have a hobby space operational until May or so. Been working on that since and getting my hobby mojo back. Age of Sigmar has been a breath of fresh air and inspired me to get moving on some fantasy projects.

Terrain from GW, 6 forests, some walls and a tower, and Tabletop World, windmill, house, and well. And a big block of Skeletons finished in just 2 days.

And playing a bunch of games, more than I have in years.


  1. Those scenery kits look awesome in that first shot.

    Age of Sigmar, huh? The game is gaining traction, if not around here, and people really do seem to enjoy it. The models are amazing that they are putting out.