Sunday, April 10, 2016

30th Anniversary Space Marine Celebration

With this milestone upon us, I offered to display some of my RT marines at my local GW store. With enthusiasm, the manager accepted. It was fun to show him the classic minis and some other rarities that were in the cases I brought.

Here's what in the case.


  1. Fantastic! I really like the camo on the Rhino.

  2. Paint jobs are amazing... but the green bases! LOVE 'em! Takes me back to all the green bases I pained in my teens:) I am inspired.

  3. Dylan! I've been following your blog forever it seems but I just put two and two together; I'm now a GW manager and one of my fellow managers posted pics of this army internally and said their customer had brought them in, I didn't realize it was you! Small world!

    1. Hey! I just read your comment, but yea. Mike was awesome and let me throw these guys in the store for a while. Gotta school the younglings on where the modern minis came from.