Sunday, February 15, 2015

2nd Edition Chaos

Been a busy month, painting and work wise. Been trying to cram as much painting in as I can, and so far, having good results.

Finished off the plaguebearer unit, up to 7 of the buggers. Finished off the unit of plague marines. And the unit of Khorne Berserkers. And because I loved the look from the codex, an Iron Warriors dreadnought.


  1. Awesome work. Particularly the Khorne Beserkers look fantastic!

  2. You and your antique model fetish ;)

    Looks great. That's the first time I've seen those Plague Marines and they aren't all that bad, the sculpting. Great job painting all around and well done on that Iron Warriors skull emblem.

    I take all this work to mean you've come to fight for the Dark Lords?

    1. I pledge my allegiance to no one... I'll be painting imperials before you know it.

  3. Haven't seen some of these sculpts for years and they're a joy to look at.
    I'm not a Nurgle man but I especially like the plague marines, for some reason.