Sunday, July 31, 2011

Original Death Guard - How to.

Because someone mentioned the classic Eavy metal scheme....

I'll be doing variations of this theme for all my squads.


  1. Good find. Me and my big mouth. I sent a link to mine. I don't remember the Deathguard being that black or having all that red. When did the olive/faded camo color become envogue? I'm trying to think of a battle report or something that had a squad of Nurgle Renegades not plaguemarines in it. Is that the old White Dwarf basing color? I used a different green than they did, but I don't remember it being that olive...

  2. The old chaos backpacks were uniformed and miscast often. I never can get rid of all the mold lines without obscuring details. He painted them differently than you or I did. I remember the green trim, I also go for metallic trim in most every Chaos Space Marine I paint. When did the Deathguard go from being black to being white or off white? I think there was an olive phase for Nurgle, don't know why I did purple and green/grey probably the only paints I had. ;-)

  3. Yea, not sure, that's out of the old old painting book.

    I think they started to go olive towards the end of 2nd edition, but definitely they swung that way in 3rd.

  4. At last!!Thank you,i was looking for something of thisXD