Tuesday, April 12, 2011

White Dwarf Archive: #19

One of the first appearances of the Howling Griffons. Back when they featured real peoples armies. Inspirational for the everyman, made painting decent models seem more attainable than the perfection that was the studio stuff.

Back Cover, Issue 179.

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  1. I still wouldn't call him an every man, on account that he won a Golden Demon and all. It was easier relatively speaking to win and place back in the day as less people spent all year painting one or two entries and people didn't fly in as much, but there was only one Golden Demon, you had to go to England to enter...

    When the average player has a golden demon trophy kicking around, I just don't know, that should never happen, especially considering usually a few big names take home a fistful now a days.

  2. One good thing about this army is it was pre-Force Org chart. I never played loyalists but this army is part 2nd Edition and part Rogue Trader figs, probably mostly second edition so that would be 25% Troops, 50% Characters, 25% Heavy, 25% Allies or something... I can't remember, but I'm pretty sure you could have a tonne of characters...

  3. Touché.

    Yep, that breakdown sounds about right, I believe it was lovingly (or not-so) referred to as herohammer, because characters ruled the boards.

  4. I remember this pic. Back when I was still new to 40k and in complete awe of every model.