Monday, April 25, 2011

Priming today

Just worked a 66 hour week, so today was a bit of recovery.

That said, I got about 140 models primed. A variety of Imperial Guard, Chaos Marines and Rogue Trader Orks.

Here are some valhallans, with a squat tech priest and an IG psyker as proof.


  1. A collection of classics. It's very good to see them.

  2. Jealous, Valhallans were my #1 favourite IG army of the time!

    They used to have so much flavour!

    I love you blog and the concept dude, your work on that fort was superb as well! It brings me back to first getting to the hobby as a wee nipper and seeing all these wonderful armies and pics in the old WD's.

  3. Are you starting Valhallans, now? Or just painting up a squad for fun? You crazy man, you.

    I agree, I love these mins too. If I hadn't gone with Tallarn, I would have done the Russian thing... I love the missile launchers and the sergeant, but I always thought the grendade launcher guy was kind of dopey looking. Those metal figs are just about impossible to customize, though. Without wishing you'd died as a child, I mean.

  4. I have at least 1 platoon each of Mordians, Cadians, Valhallans, Catachans and Tallarns.

    Plus a bunch of stormtroopers, and a bunch of RT guard too.