Saturday, January 29, 2011

Plague Marine Test

Painted up a test model for the 40+ plague marines I have.

I'm looking to do these like my Orks and Marines, and paint them in the style of the "red period".

Needless to say, this isn't quite it.

It's too gritty, too dark, not clean enough. Weird I know to be talking of Nurgle and say it needs to be clean, but considering the painting styles of 1990-1997, yea, it was important. Bright clean color is what I need. I'll try again.


  1. Paint the red parts a medium ie warm brown first. Also red glaze can be added towards the end, but you probably need to switch reds to get a brighter color too.

  2. Red isn't the main concern, the green is what isn't right. This was based off orkhide shade to rotting flesh, not enough warmth to the color, but I think that starting off snot green and then highlighting to scorpion will be more period correct, or even using the orkhide and highlighting to scorpion.